Hornets President Hugh Weber:

“Thank you for being here. It’s amazing, here we are in May of 2011, it was just 11 months ago that we were introducing Monty (Williams) as our head coach and 40 days later we were announcing Dell (Demps) as our new GM. What we had hoped to accomplish in that timeline was pretty significant to changing the franchise, changing the culture and the mindset and the expectations. We understood internally what that meant. Monty understood, Dell understood and I understood. At the time, maybe Monty wasn’t as well known as some of the other coaching candidates we talked to, and maybe what defined both Dell and Monty was not necessarily who they were as men, but where they came from, the programs they came from. I think 11 months later what you see is a culture that we all can see is springing roots as far as what the future looks like for this organization. I think you see today two men who have their own individual identities – not where they come from, but what they’re building here. I think that we’re gratified in the fact that the culture is changing, we’re gratified with the fact that we were able to make some progress. We certainly were not satisfied with where we finished. That is the culture that will continue to accelerate because I know the two guys sitting to my right are as impatient as I am. We understand that when you build something special, you build something for the long term, there are no shortcuts and you have to do things the right way. I am very honored and pleased to welcome both of them. They are not only incredible contributors to this franchise, but to this city.”

Hornets General Manager Dell Demps:

“First of all, I want to say thank you guys for coming out here today. As the season concludes, you look back on so many things that have happened, from where we started to where we are right now. The first thing I wanted to say is to make sure we thank the fans. I thought the fans were incredible this year. I thought they came out, they supported us. A lot of people remember the sellouts and the packed house and the night where everybody had on the gold t-shirts or the blue t-shirts or the towels, but even on the Tuesday nights, they stood behind us. It was incredible, the New Orleans community has been great to all of us, to our families, and have welcomed us here. It’s just a fun place to be. When I was first hired, sitting down with these gentlemen (Hugh and Monty), the things that we wanted to get done in the first year, I think we accomplished most of those things. From here, we have a start, we have something we can build on. We want to keep adding to this. The players bought in to coaches’ system. I think the coach did a fantastic job of having them prepared to play every night. We were a fun team to watch. The bar has been set now, and we’re going to keep taking the necessary steps to go to the next place. To say that we’re satisfied is probably not the right word, but we’re moving in the right direction and want to build on what we were able to do this year.”

Hornets Head Coach Monty Williams:

“I’m very blessed and fortunate to be working with the two men to my left (Dell and Hugh) because I get a chance to talk to a number of coaches around the league and not everybody has the synergy that we have. We don’t always agree on things, but we always – as Hugh and I were talking about earlier today – have the ability for the foresight to unite no matter what the situation. That made my job a ton easier than it probably could be. The fans and the community here in the city, the way they’ve embraced my family – I know Dell feels the same way – has been awesome. Like Hugh and Dell said – I’m just going to piggy back that – I’m just not satisfied with these first steps. I liken it to getting a first down in the Super Bowl. That’s basically what we’ve done, because what we want to do is a monumental task. I’m looking forward to that challenge, looking forward to being here in this city for a while, a long time. The big thing – I’ve stressed this to the players from my side – is we have to get better as players. No matter what the situation is, whether it’s working on your jump shot, whether it’s understanding schemes and strategies, guys have to get better. Along those lines, I made them a promise that I was going to get better as a coach. I’m watching film now and I’m seeing areas where I need to get better. We all feel the same way. We have a ways to go. Certainly happy with some of the success we’ve had, but certainly looking forward to the future.”


Sobre Kaio Kleinhans

Fisioterapeuta, 28 anos, fã de basquete desde criança, torcedor do Hornets e do Pelicans.
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  1. Miguel disse:

    estou muito otimista com essa dupla demps/williams. Acho q esses caras nos darao muitas alegrias. GO HORNETS!!!!!!!!!!

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